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Zhejiang VOB Technology Co., Ltd is one of the powerful Truck Levelling Valves Manufacturers and trailer leveling valves factory, our company was built on the basis of Dongshan Auto Parts Factory in 1990 and owns Zhuji Dongshen Auto Parts Factory, Shanghai Fuao Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Dongshen fuel supply station, and Dongshen motor Transportation Team. Operating brands:SHANGHAl FUAO,FAQP world-renowned market, the series of bus faqp Brake Chambers in Asia and Europe, the Middle East, the Americas market, with foreign countries and many well-knownbridge factory for many years. our factory covers an area of 40 acres, covers an area of 26666 square meters, points including stamping, diecasting, CNC finishing, assembly workshop. Company comprehensive practice of modern enterprisemanagement system, through the ISO/TS 16949 quality management certification, the height of productioninformation, our company in good faith for the purpose of win-win, innovationbeyond, to become the leader of the industry!

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Industry Knowledge Extension

Truck levelling valves are used in commercial vehicles, such as buses and trucks, to adjust the height of the vehicle's body in relation to its wheels. This is typically done to ensure that the vehicle is level when it is loaded with cargo, which can help to improve handling and stability. Levelling valves can be hydraulic or mechanical, and they are typically controlled by a switch or lever inside the vehicle's cab.
A truck leveling valve is a component used in air suspension systems in heavy-duty trucks. Its purpose is to adjust the air pressure in the airbags to maintain a level and stable ride height for the vehicle, regardless of load.
The valve operates by controlling the flow of air into and out of the airbags. It has a sensor that monitors the ride height and sends a signal to the valve to adjust the air pressure as needed. When the vehicle is loaded, the sensor detects that the ride height has changed and sends a signal to the valve to increase the air pressure in the airbags to maintain the level ride height. Conversely, when the load is reduced, the sensor sends a signal to the valve to decrease the air pressure to maintain the level ride height.
Here are some recommended steps for maintaining a truck leveling valve:
Check the air pressure: Regularly check the air pressure in the airbags to ensure that it is at the recommended level. Overinflated or underinflated airbags can affect the performance of the leveling valve and cause ride height issues.
Clean the valve: Dirt, debris, and moisture can accumulate on the valve and affect its operation. Clean the valve with a clean, dry cloth to ensure that it is functioning correctly.
Inspect the air lines: Inspect the air lines and fittings for any leaks or damage. If there is a leak, it can cause the valve to work incorrectly, resulting in ride height issues.
Check the sensor: The sensor is a crucial component of the leveling valve. Check the sensor regularly to ensure that it is functioning correctly and sending the correct signals to the valve.
Replace parts as needed: If any parts of the leveling valve are damaged, worn, or not functioning correctly, replace them as soon as possible to maintain the performance of the valve and the air suspension system.
It's important to regularly maintain the truck leveling valve to ensure that the air suspension system is functioning correctly and providing a level and stable ride height for the vehicle.