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Zhejiang VOB Technology Co., Ltd is one of the powerful Truck Air Dryers Manufacturers and Trailer air dryers Factory, our company was built on the basis of Dongshan Auto Parts Factory in 1990 and owns Zhuji Dongshen Auto Parts Factory, Shanghai Fuao Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Dongshen fuel supply station, and Dongshen motor Transportation Team. Operating brands:SHANGHAl FUAO,FAQP world-renowned market, the series of bus faqp Brake Chambers in Asia and Europe, the Middle East, the Americas market, with foreign countries and many well-knownbridge factory for many years. our factory covers an area of 40 acres, covers an area of 26666 square meters, points including stamping, diecasting, CNC finishing, assembly workshop. Company comprehensive practice of modern enterprisemanagement system, through the ISO/TS 16949 quality management certification, the height of productioninformation, our company in good faith for the purpose of win-win, innovationbeyond, to become the leader of the industry!

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The purpose of the air dryer is to prevent moisture from entering the brake system, which can cause corrosion and other problems. The air dryer is typically located near the air compressor and is connected to the air brake lines. Some air dryers use a filter to remove moisture and contaminants, while others use a desiccant, such as silica gel, to absorb moisture. The air dryer is an important component of the air brake system and is essential for the safe operation of a truck.
A truck air dryer is a device used in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and trailers to remove moisture from the compressed air system. This is necessary because moisture in the air system can cause corrosion, freeze in cold weather, and reduce the effectiveness of certain components such as air brakes. Air dryers use desiccant or refrigerant technologies to absorb or remove moisture, helping to ensure a dry, clean air supply for the vehicle's air brake system.
Truck air dryers are devices used in commercial trucks to remove moisture from the compressed air system. They play a crucial role in maintaining the air quality and preventing corrosion in the air brake system. The compressed air in the brake system is used to activate the brakes and stop the truck, so it's important to have a dry and clean air supply. Truck air dryers come in different types such as desiccant air dryers, refrigerant air dryers, and heat regenerative air dryers. They can be mounted in the engine compartment or near the air compressor, and are typically durable and designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the road.
What is a truck air dryer used for and how does it work?
A truck air dryer is a device used in heavy-duty vehicles such as trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles to remove moisture from compressed air before it enters the air brake system. The purpose of this is to prevent corrosion, icing and other problems caused by the buildup of moisture in the braking system.
The air dryer works by using a desiccant material, typically silica gel, to absorb moisture from the compressed air. The desiccant material is contained in a replaceable cartridge within the air dryer. The compressed air enters the air dryer, passes over the desiccant, and then is expelled as dry air. The desiccant material must be periodically replaced to maintain its effectiveness in removing moisture from the air.